Coaching A Little League Team And Heading To A Tournament? Use These Tips

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Coaching A Little League Team And Heading To A Tournament? Use These Tips

27 March 2018
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If your little league team has gotten into a tournament, you're likely to be thrilled if you've been coaching them throughout the season. The tournament is likely a big event in the life of your small players and their families; as their coach, you owe it to them to both celebrate their success and lead them on to victory at the tournament level. Consider these pre-game tips.

Purchase Baseball Trading Pins

Whether the tournament will be giving out their own pins or not, baseball trading pins from a company like GH PINS can be great for your players. These small pins can be pinned to their clothing, allowing them to feel pride in their team and its success. They can be kept long after the season concludes and traded with other team members at the tournament. You can have a variety of pins made and even use them as fundraisers if you like.

Perhaps the best thing about baseball trading pins is that you can customize them yourself or have some of the players suggest designs that the pin company can work with. Coming up with a team design together will make the pins even more special. Ensure that you ask about glitter, crystals, bobble heads and other touches that can be added to the pins to make them beautiful, unique and valuable.

Encourage Rest

With spirits so high and anticipation so strong, it's possible that you and your players aren't getting the rest necessary to get you to the tournament and win. This is especially true if you're doing drills and practicing often. It's important that you set the tone and remind your players of the importance of self-care and rest. You might even recommend a certain number of hours worth of sleep in the days leading up to the tournament.

Make Plans for Afterwards

Preparing for a win or defeat is also important. If you win the tournament, you may want to have a banquet or awards event at a local restaurant or the community center. If you lose, you may want to consider small participation trophies or awards. Thinking about this now will help you to put either plan in motion when the final game of the season is over.

By commemorating the event with trading pins, encouraging rest and planning for later, you can ensure a better experience for your little league players. Enjoy the tournament and your team as you get ready for gameplay.