Host A Volleyball Match In Your Home's Recreational Room

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Host A Volleyball Match In Your Home's Recreational Room

27 September 2017
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If you have turned part of your basement into a recreational room and plan on holding a volleyball match this fall to practice the skills you have mastered over the years to prepare for an upcoming competition at a local community center that you will be participating in, make the event one that is exciting and lighthearted for all who attend by adding the options below to your game day plans. 

Install An Indoor Net And Purchase A Ball And Shirts

Measure the length and width of the recreational room before visiting a sporting goods store to purchase an indoor net. During this time, buy a new ball and plain-colored shirts that can be worn during the match. Go to a retail shop to purchase vinyl tape. Create numbers on each shirt with the tape and hand one shirt to each guest you have invited to the volleyball match.

If you would like to personalize the garments further, use fabric paint to write each person's name on their shirt. By doing so, it will be easier for you and others to keep track of players during the match.

Lay Mats On The Floor And Play Music During The Pregame

Lay gymnastic or exercise mats on each side of the volleyball net. The mats will prevent you and the other players from becoming injured if falling while attempting to hit the ball becomes an issue. Once your guests arrive for the match, mention warming up prior to the competition. During this time, play some music on a stereo system to help get everyone into the spirit. Pair up players and allow the couples to take turns serving the volleyball and hitting it back and forth over the net to one another. 

Set Up A Viewing Area And Offer Refreshments And Prizes

Line up a row of chairs along one of the walls in the basement so that people who are not actively competing can sit down and watch others attempt their best game moves during the match. Prior to the get together, prepare an array of refreshments to serve your guests. Pitchers filled with lemonade, fruit punch, or tea can be set on top of a table that is next to one of the walls in the recreational room.

A tray that is filled with sandwiches can be placed next to the beverages. Offer everyone plates and cups when they arrive for the match so that guests can gather the items they prefer from the refreshment table. Purchase small prizes to give to the winning team once the match is over.

Contact a sporting goods company, like Cobra Sports International, for more help.