Tips For Preventing Your Camera Lenses From Fogging

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Tips For Preventing Your Camera Lenses From Fogging

17 June 2017
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Photography is an enjoyable hobby that many people will want to pursue. However, taking outdoor photographs can be surprisingly complicated as the camera equipment will be subjected to a variety of complications that have to be addressed. In particular, the camera lenses becoming fogged can be a very disruptive problem that can greatly impact the quality of the photographs that you take. Learning to manage this problem will help you to minimize any effects that foggy lenses have on your photography trip.

Give The Camera Time To Acclimate

A primary cause of fog forming on the lenses of a camera can be due to temperatures between the glass and the surrounding air. When the lens is much colder than the surrounding air, it can be more likely to develop a thin coating of condensation. By giving your camera several minutes to acclimate to the temperature change, this problem will stop. While driving to your photography site, you should store the camera equipment in your car's trunk as this will minimize this issue by avoiding exposure to the air conditioning.

Use An Anti Fog Cleaning Solution

There are lens cleaning solutions that can prevent fog from forming on the glass. While these solutions will be extremely effective at preventing fogging, some individuals will assume that these solutions should be applied at the site where the pictures will be taken. However, you may find that these solutions are more effective and convenient if you apply them before you pack your camera equipment for the trip as this may prevent the lenses from fogging when they are first removed from the casing. Prior to using the anti fog solution, you should thoroughly wipe the lenses clean to remove dust, pollen, dirt or any other substances that may have gotten on the lens.  

Be Mindful With The Type Of Cloth You Use To Wipe The Lenses Clean

If your lenses fog, you will need to wipe away the condensation. Unfortunately, some people will fail to realize the dangers that rough fabric can pose to a camera lens. Rough or poorly maintained cloth can cause small scratches as the cloth fibers pass over the glass lens. Even seemingly minor scuffs can interfere with the way the light passes through the lens enough to greatly degrade your pictures. When you are needing to wipe condensation off your camera lenses, you should only use a microfiber cloth or a cotton cloth that is specifically designed for use on camera lenses.