Upgrade A Bicycle-Built-For-Two By Replacing Torn Seat Covers And Eliminating Rust From Metal Spokes

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Upgrade A Bicycle-Built-For-Two By Replacing Torn Seat Covers And Eliminating Rust From Metal Spokes

15 June 2017
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If you own a bicycle-built-for-two and would like to ride it with your spouse this summer, but wish to replace the torn seat covers and eliminate rust from each wheel's spokes before using the bike, the following directions describe how to perform the upgrades.


  • upholstery staple remover
  • putty knife
  • sponge
  • soapy water
  • water hose
  • foam padding
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • fabric adhesive
  • narrow paintbrushes
  • waterproof nylon or polyurethane fabric
  • upholstery stapler
  • upholstery staples
  • naval jelly
  • wire brush
  • emery board
  • towel
  • rust-inhibiting spray

Remove The Seat Covers And Padding And Secure New Foam Pieces

Stand the bike in an upright position and adjust the kickstands to prevent the bike from tipping over. Use an upholstery staple remover to remove staples that are secured to the sides of each seat cover. After removing the covers, peel the foam cushioning from each seat. If the foam cushioning will not come right off, use a putty knife to pry each piece of padding from the seats. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean the top of each seat.

Rinse the seats off with a stream of water. After the seats have dried, cut pieces of foam padding that are the same size as the top of the bicycle's seats. Use a narrow paintbrush to apply an even layer of fabric adhesive to one side of each piece of padding. Press the foam pieces against the top of each seat. Wait for the adhesive to dry. 

Cover The Foam With Waterproof Fabric

Use scissors to cut pieces of waterproof nylon or polyurethane that are large enough to cover the top and sides of each seat. Lay the first piece of fabric over one of the foam-covered seats. Firmly grasp the sides of the fabric to eliminate wrinkles. Use an upholstery stapler to insert upholstery staples around the edge of the fabric. Make sure that each staple is secured to the seat. Attach the remaining piece of fabric to the other seat by completing the same steps. 

Eliminate Rust From Spokes

Use a narrow paintbrush to apply a thick coating of naval jelly to wheel spokes that are rusted. Wait for the product to penetrate the corroded surfaces for several minutes. Move a wire brush or emery cloth back and forth over rust to loosen it. Use a water hose to spray water onto the treated surfaces. Dry the spokes with a towel. Spray the spokes with a light coating of a rust-inhibiting spray to prevent the metal from rusting again. Wait for the spray to dry before riding the bike with your loved one.

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