Going Camping? Check Out These Innovative Features Your New Tent Could Have

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Going Camping? Check Out These Innovative Features Your New Tent Could Have

15 June 2017
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It's the charm of sleeping under the stars and the draw of crackling campfires and fresh air that continues to attract many people to campgrounds all across the country in spite of so many more modern attractions. If you are an avid camper, you know that your tent is one of the most important supplies to take along on the trip and can have everything to do with how enjoyable your adventure turns out to be. However, if you have been using the same tent for a while, it may be time to visit the sporting goods store for a new model. Take a look at some of the innovative features a new tent can now have that could completely change your camping experience. 

UV-Blocking Interior Liner - You fall asleep easy in the pitch black darkness of night inside the tent, but just as quickly as the sun starts to rise the next morning, you are faced with a brightly illuminated enclosure that heats up quickly because of the warmth from the sun. If you have trouble sleeping in when you stay in the tent you now have, make sure you check out the newer tents available that have a UV-blocking liner on the inside. This liner keeps the tent dark even in bright sunlight, which means it is also capable of blocking out the heat that can be a problem when camping in the summer season. 

Integrated Solar Capabilities - The closest thing you have to power inside of your tent in most cases is battery-operated devices that you may use to charge your cell phone or have light. However, some new tents make it possible to have access to power whenever you need it because they have integrated solar panels and battery packs. While these solar systems are compact enough to not add bulk to the structure, they can harness enough solar energy to provide you with a charging option for your phone and even an outlet for a lamp. 

Air-Padded Tent Floor - It is always nice if you can pack along air mattresses to use inside the tent so you are not sleeping directly on the hard ground, but carrying the extra supplies can be a bother, especially if you are hiking to your camping destination. The solution to this comes in the form of a tent with an air-padded flooring system. You simply use a small pump to add air to the tent floor once it is set up and you have a nice, cushioned place to lay your head for the night. 

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