2 Features To Consider When Buying A Billiards Table

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2 Features To Consider When Buying A Billiards Table

15 June 2017
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Buying a billiards table is a great way to dramatically increase the appeal and entertainment value of your rec room, but it can be a rather substantial investment. Due to the sometimes high cost of a billiards table, it is important that you get the right features when buying the table so that you will get your money's worth out of it. Listed below are two features to consider when buying a billiards table.

Follow-Up Visits

One of the biggest features to consider when buying a billiards table is the ability to have follow-up visits provided by the dealer free of charge. While pretty much every billiards table dealer is going to be willing to come out to your home and assemble the billiards table for you, not all of them are willing to check back in with you after the table has been in place for a while.

This is a pretty big problem because when you assemble the billiards table, the components will settle over the next couple of weeks or months and will likely need to be re-leveled once it has settled into place. This can lead to you having to pay a service or dealer to come out to your home and re-level the table.

However, there are dealers out there that will provide follow-up visits free of charge in order to do the re-leveling for you. These are the dealers that you should focus on when it comes to buying a billiards table, mostly because it will save money and you will know that your table is set up perfectly for play.

Slate Playing Surfaces

Another feature to consider when buying the billiards table is a slate playing surface. Now, there are numerous materials that can be used in the construction of the table's playing surface, but slate should definitely be your number one choice. Sure, the slate will result in your billiards table costing a bit more than one that uses other materials but it will also be much more durable and last much longer than those other materials.

In addition, the slate will provide you with the smoothest playing surface that you can get. This is extremely important if you want your shots to be as accurate as possible.

Contact a billiards equipment or table dealer like Manning Cues in order to discuss what billiards tables they might have in stock and what features they would recommend that you consider. When buying a billiards table, it is important to consider such features as follow-up visits and slate playing surfaces in order to get the best possible pool table for you.