Electric Bikes: Extending Battery Life And Accessorizing

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Electric Bikes: Extending Battery Life And Accessorizing

6 December 2021
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If you're looking at the market for electric bikes this Holiday season, understanding how to maximize your new bike can make a huge difference.

Here are just a few ways to extend the battery life and accessorize new electric bikes.

Improved Battery Life

The lithium-ion battery units that electrify most electric bikes are modern marvels. When you invest in a new electric bike you can subtly increase the amount of charge and the life of your lithium-ion battery unit.

  • Squeezing More Juice: charging the lithium-ion battery unit on electric bikes seems easy, just plug them in and wait for them to charge up. Although this approach will get the job done, it may not optimize the amount of juice you get from each charge. For instance, letting your lithium-ion battery unit charge to full capacity on every charge will age your battery unit much quicker. Similarly, if you let your battery unit completely drain during each ride, you can also overtax your battery unit. The best way to extend the life of your electric bike's battery unit is to always let your battery run down, but not completely out. You should also avoid leaving your battery to charge after it has reached full capacity.
  • Efficient Rides: when using electric bikes, you get more mileage out of each charge by changing how you ride. For instance, when riding downhill or coasting toward a stoplight, you can conserve your battery life by turning off your electric unit. If you're going for longer rides on undulating trails, consider using your electric motor to generate momentum before you reach a big climb. Another easy way to generate more power with your lithium-ion battery boost is to always change to a bigger gear when you increase your electric power. By switching to a bigger gear, you can get more power from each revolution of your pedals.

Accessorizing your Ride

Electronic bikes can be outfitted with a host of gadgets and accessories. If you're trying to get more mileage from your rides, the right accessories can be key.

  • Solar Extenders: if you plan on using your new ride for an extended biking odyssey, outfitting a rear solar battery extender can allow you to ride all day on a single charge. When choosing a solar battery extender, it's important to choose a model that fits your bike frame.
  • AutoPilot: some of the best electric bikes for sale offer autopilot units to help control the amount of charge you use during your rides.